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The Rational Female

Mar 29, 2019

The Rational Female: Episode 17 

On this seventeenth episode of TRF, you'll hear: 

  • What dating is like from two men who have been married before; the good, the bad and the ugly
  • What true partnership entails
  • Why it's important to set the proper foundation from the start
  • Double-standards in dating; women who want chivalry but say they are miss "independent"
  • How some women make a man feel like less than a man in certain situations and may not even realize it 
  • Why roles in a relationship are important 
  • Dating single mothers, pros, cons and what you can learn 
  • How many women seem to misread their men 
  • The difference between dating as a single dad versus dating as a single mom

Ahhhh, these 2 are amazing! I love how true they stay to who they are and how easily my conversations always flow with them.
Join us next time for more of dis realness <3